Thursday, December 18, 2008

Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary

We adopted a Bird! A special Thank you goes out to my customers, without your support of my art, I could not afford to support the many animal rescue places which need our help.
From the proceeds earned the last couple of months I have "adopted" a Sandwich Tern from the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary.

The non-profit Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary, the largest wild bird hospital and bird sanctuary in the United States, based on the admission of up to 10,000 birds per year. For over 37 years, the Sanctuary has helped injured wild birds. The Sanctuary's mission is dedicated to the rescue, repair & rehabilitation of injured birds and then their release back into nature.

Founded in 1971 by zoologist Ralph T. Heath, the Sanctuary is world renowned for its innovative rehabilitation techniques, and was the first facility to breed Eastern Brown Pelicans in captivity. The Sanctuary is staffed by experienced professionals and dedicated volunteers. Similar to a human hospital, it is equipped with emergency facilities, a surgical center, bird injury recovery areas, and an outdoor wild bird recuperation area.

Display areas feature permanently injured birds that have been given a home at our bird sanctuary. Any offspring they produce are released into their natural environment. At any given time, visitors can view in excess of 600 wild birds. So come our wild bird sanctuary and see how we help injured birds.

The Sanctuary is a non - profit 501c3 corporation which depends solely on the financial support of caring individuals.


Anonymous said...

How absolutely wonderful! I have never heard of this but it is such a fabulous idea. Congratulations!!

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Khudos and khongrats fur giving bakhk since too many just take!


BeadedTail said...

What a wonderful thing to do! Congratulations and thank you for helping seabirds!