Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed.

Storm Jameson

What makes me happy? I have discovered something about myself recently. I have altered my universe in little tiny small ways. I have realized that making others happy brings me great joy. There has been nothing like it lately, suddenly after doing what I consider small favors, I have been blessed with wonderful comments about how I made someone else happy. Wow what a rush, my day is a better one and I feel a glow of The Christmas Spirit. These are both other artists on Etsy, and because of their kind comments I will be featuring them on my blog.

"Extremely beautiful ornaments! I really can't find the words to accurately describe my complete happiness with the ornaments I received. I absolutely recommend this seller to everyone. Not only does this seller produce a top quality product, but her customer service skills are superb too."

Merlin's Bark Products specializes in handcrafted wood items for furry and feathered friends. Our specialties include elevated dog and cat bowl holders, pet toy boxes, pet beds, and also other products for "outdoor" pets like birds and squirrels.

"The nicest person in the world and the custom ornaments are fabulous. Thanks again for my very treasured Angel Walter."

I am a self-taught pique assiette ("broken from plate")
mosaic artist who has been creating whimsical and elegant pieces for a decade. This is a wonderful way to combine my love of color, vintage pottery and china, and vintage jewelry into one fulfilling adventure. Creation is mystical and alchemical... each one-of-a-kind piece reveals itself to me, moment-by-moment. I'm not always sure where the piece will go when I begin, but the piece knows!


Altered-gypsy said...

It was great being introduced to your shop last night in the Blockhead Radio Show Chat!
Love all of your beautiful creations!

Anonymous said...

Please stop by my blog when you have a moment, I've left an award for you♥

Annie Mosaic Cat said...

Wowie! I stopped over here to see if you'd put MY photo up with Bentley's and you have featured Mosaic Lady!!!
You really ARE the nicest person in the world!

Altered-gypsy said...

I am tagging you. If you want to play, here is the post: