Monday, December 30, 2013

Briard Medical Trust

Thank you to my customers and Briard fans.

I was able to donate $250.00 to The Briard Medical Trust from your support.

A couple of the Briards I made...

     To keep true to the spirit of Christmas, a percentage of all profits are donated to Animal Rescue!
$12.00 of this Exclusive Ornament will be donated directly to the Briard Medical Trust****
Goals of the trust
To develop and enrich understanding of the diseases and genetic anomalies which affect Briards, in part through establishing and updating a database of health information about the Briard.To support and promote the study of and research on the genetics and health issues which affect the Briard.To develop and make available to the general public and the purebred dog fancy information about the proper care, treatment, breeding and development of Briards as it relates to the health and well-being of individual dogs and the breed as a whole.

Please order before November 15th for Christmas Delivery