Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Re-Working the Store

I have spent the last few days deciding how to go forward with my online store, so here it is, from now on, all dog ornaments and figurines will be custom. You can see photos on my website or in the galleries in my store, and order precisely what you want. There is still a higher charge for custom made from photos, but that does include the design fee, for you get to choose what design you would like.
For example if you have a Basset that eats daisy's... you can get this.

Or a westie that loves bags, you can get this.
Or any random lovable mutt, I will work off of his photo for a great likeness.
Please let me know what you think of the changes, any suggestions will be most appreciated! It is still a work in progress, not all pictures are up yet, please leave comments!


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Grrrreat work as usual!

We think those are pawesome ideas!

Khyra The Pawsylvania Siberian

BeadedTail said...

Since there are so many different dog breeds out there and with the different options you offer, custom sounds like a great idea! Will you still be making cats?

dreameyce said...

This is all my opinion, and personal experience :)

I wouldn't cut yourself short by having customs as the ONLY option, as almost all my etsy sales have been at random, by people wanting something *NOW*. I direct people interested in ordering to my website, and don't market my etsy page at all.

Most my customs, are through the website and vending, or they find me on etsy, and e-mail me from my website most often. (Generally they go to my site to see if I have their breed, rather than noting me through etsy)

Also on breeds you've not done yet, many people won't order things if there's no example of said breed in your portfolio. Most people want a visual idea on what they are ordering, and are not willing to order on a wim.

I'm not necessarily saying you should have boxes, and boxes of inventory like me (Unless you plan on vending at shows, then you're bread and butter really IS sales on the spot, since MOST inquiries don't follow through...), but that only doing customs, really cuts off a big cut of likely sales.

Often when people are searching on etsy, they want what they see mailed right away. They don't want to wait a couple weeks, or don't have a couple weeks to spend. With purebreds, people donating to raffles, or giving gifts seek out the items on a wim, and will buy whatever is available at that time :)