Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tagged again...

I got tagged by Threads of Magique in a game of blog tag. game rules: pick out the sixth photo in the sixth picture file on your computer and write a bog about it, then tag six other bloggers. Pretty simple, join in if you'd like, and pass it on.

"Let your thoughts rest here awhile
in beauty and in love"

André Smith, Founder - Inscription at Chapel entrance

Here's my picture. It's the chapel over at The Maitland Art Center. I did my college internship here. I spent many hours working on the gardens, they are in much need of tender loving care. The place was neglected for many years, and now plans are under way to restore this landmark.
The Maitland Art Center was founded as an art colony (called the Research Studio) in 1938 by visionary American artist and architect André Smith (1880-1959). This tradition continues at MAC today, with gallery exhibitions, resident artists (Artists-in-Action), a strong curriculum of art instruction in an intimate atmosphere, and community programming. Visit this historic, aesthetic gem set in the middle of busy, growing Central Florida.

The Art Center is one of the few surviving examples of "fantasy" architecture in the Southeast, the Center has been recognized by the State of Florida as a historic site and has been entered on the National Register of Historic Places. It features Mayan/Aztec motifs and includes 23 separate structures linked by beautiful gardens and courtyards.Founded in the 1938 by visionary artist and architect Jules André Smith (1880-1959), the Center was originally called the Research Studio, hosting a number of famous painters, sculptors, and printmakers, including: Milton Avery, Ralston Crawford, Doris Lee, and Boris Margo. Today, that tradition continues with resident artists (Artists-in-Action), and a strong curriculum of art instruction in an atmosphere which encourages experimentation and creativity.

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