Wednesday, November 12, 2008

About Blogging and learning

About blogging.... there are many things I don't know, many things I usually do wrong. I am very new at this, and so are a great number of people. Some days i write about things nobody wants to read about, or cares to read, some days I ramble on for I am sure it is like hours, other days I am stumped as to what to write. I have tried many things, talking about my sculpting, with photos, promoting other artists. I have found that I really need to set up a pattern to make it easier on me and my readers, but how why where am I going to learn about this...
Anyone who wants to learn .....I have found where! A great group of fellow artisans has a Blogtalk Radio program. It is on Monday night at 9 pm EST. You can listen to this at anytime by clicking the radio button I have provided,all prerecorded, or join us in a chat room and listen in live on Monday's and chat with others as they try and explain life's mysteries to us all. This has great information folks, Learn how to make money, promote your blog, shameless self promotion and loads of fun, come and chat, listen in and just have fun.

For more information click here Blockhead Radio This is a link to his blog about the show.


Anonymous said...

Very cool posting, I'd never heard of this - thanks! So glad I found your blog. All the best ~ Sharon

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Thank you for the info, I must check it out:)