Thursday, April 2, 2009

Helping Shelters Help Pets

Lots of things make great last-minute holiday gift ideas. Candy, chocolates, gift certificates for more candy and chocolate… but live animals should not be included in that list! There’s something crazy about going to the store for a loaf of bread and coming home with a pet as well. But that exact kind of crazy happens all the time around Easter.

Each Easter, many breeders and pet stores set out live rabbit displays right along with the chocolate bunnies and candied eggs. And, sad to say, some people continue to fall prey to the cuteness of a baby bunny. Yes, unrefined bunny cuteness is formidable stuff, but still. This is a spur of the moment purchase that needs love and care for many years to come. Sad to say, a couple months or so after Easter, animal shelters and rescues start filling up with these unwanted rabbits.

Rabbits require a lot of work and TLC. Sure, they make great pets for the right home, but like any pet, they’re not for everyone. Especially not for somebody who was only looking to get a child’s smile on Easter morning and didn’t do their research. Well guess what? There’s a better way to give a gift this Easter! A way to have your jelly beans and eat them too.

How about adopting a stuffed rabbit to help a real one? Best Friends is partnering up with Stuffed, an organization that helps real animals by selling toys. Here’s how it works.

You hop on their website and browse the goods. This time, feel free to let the cuteness wash over you. A stuffed rabbit may not have the same adorable zing as the real thing, but they don’t chew through your carpets, either! The idea is to adopt a stuffed rabbit as a gift for somebody, but with the added bonus that in doing, so you help real rabbits in the end. Not only do the profiles of the stuffed animals represent real rabbits in rescues across the country, but the rabbits at Best Friends receive a portion of the proceeds for every stuffed rabbit you adopt. The funds will go toward Bunny House renovations.

So go ahead, make an impulse purchase. No buyer’s remorse this way. You can even sponsor a Best Friends rabbit to go along with the toy. The perfect double gift!


Story by David Dickson
Photo by Sarah Ause


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Some of our Euro blogger pals have shared this site

Tank woo fur passing along this khampaign!

Khyra The Pawsylvania Siberian

sweet alyssum said...

Heya Pam,
Do you know any rabbit people who want some organize it cube pieces? They are the square grid things that people use to make rabbit condos or you can just latch them together with zip ties and make a partition. I've written to the Orlando House Rabbit Society, but no answer.
If not, I was thinking I'd drop it off at petsmart so one of those adoption groups could use it.